We have been producing and sourcing top quality bearings for over 30 years.

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Product quality<span>.</span>

Product quality.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction with durability of products. Our customers appreciate it and therefore, when they think about the bearing wholesaler in Bydgoszcz, they automatically think of our company. A well-established position supported by many years of activity is a guarantee of reliability.

The highest distinction for us is the positive feedback of our returning customers. That confirms our conviction, that the bearings and other products we offer meet even the most demanding criteria.

Company's history<span>.</span>

Company's history.

For over 30 years, we have been successfully providing you with the highest quality products, providing professional advice, service and an assortment available immediately – straight from our warehouse.

We know that the production and servicing of machines is a responsible task, so we consider each case individually and responsibly – so that the customer can feel confident that when it comes to bearings, he is making the right choice.