From a small company to a group with its own brand of bearings. W dół

Tranzax brand history.

TRANZAX company has been operating since 1991. It systematically enriches its range for all wholesale and retail customers. Thanks to the dynamic development of the company on the bearing market, in 2008 the company’s seat was moved to a newly built, prestigious building located at ul. Kornela Ujejskiego 30 in Bydgoszcz.

In 2015, the company was transformed into a capital group consisting of:

Our main objective is to meet the needs of each client. We import goods under individual orders and we offer highest level consultancy in the industry. We have professional and friendly service online as well as in a retail store. We are constantly building and developing our warehouse base, ensuring short delivery times.

We distribute for you bearings of all brands, both European and world manufacturers.TRANZAX company is the general, authorized distributor of the VTL Poland brand. This allows us to offer you even more bearings at the appropriate quality level at an attractive price.